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5 ways in which UV purification of metalworking fluids makes your life easier

How can a purification system affect your working day? I have selected five areas where your work will be easier with UV.

#1 Increased safety and lower risk

As the purpose of biocides is to kill microorganisms, it is easy to understand that they also affect people who inhale or come into contact with the chemicals. Using biocides in the right way therefore requires careful handling and comprehensive protective equipment, so comprehensive in fact that many people do not follow the regulations.

The lamps in a UV-system are completely separate from people and only affect the bacteria and fungi that pass them, which means that no additional protective equipment is needed. Furthermore, an effective system for bacterial reduction makes it possible to select what are known as boron- and biocide-free metalworking fluids which provide additional safety.

#2 Less maintenance         

In the long run, reducing bacteria on a continuous basis means fewer change-outs. In addition to large cost savings, it entails less work and maintenance. Everybody knows that it requires extensive efforts to empty, clean and refill a contaminated system.

Biocides are often used reactively, i.e. biocide is dosed when the bacteria have already grown to high levels and perhaps smell bad. UV light continuously reduces bacteria and, correctly designed, provides sustained protection without bacterial peaks, which reduces the need for maintenance.

#3 Fewer measurements and more stable systems

Metalworking fluids must be checked and measured continuously, but a biostable system is simpler to maintain. The values are usually more uniform, they don’t change so quickly and as a rule the inspections can take place less frequently after a while. One benefit is that a uniform and low level of bacteria does not have time to cause so much damage, e.g. eat up important components in the metalworking fluid or cause major drops in pH. A stable metalworking fluid with the right values increases both quality and productivity.

#4 More focus on the job

Something we often hear from the companies that have installed UV light is that there was previously a lot of discussion and anxiety over the chemicals that they were forced to use. Sometimes the staff have experienced health effects in connection with biocide additives and a bad smell in the workshop has caused complaints. When it is possible to avoid both bacteria and biocides it entails less anxiety and an increased focus on the job.

#5 More attractive workplace        

Recruiting and retaining skilled staff is not always the easiest thing to do. There are numerous indications that it is getting more and more difficult to find employees with the right expertise and it is generally known that the right staff are the key to success. Younger, newly graduated staff are often more aware about issues such as health risks connetcted to chemicals, and their choice of workplace is not solely based on financial rewards. Just as with interesting job assignments, a safe and beneficial working environment is a condition for mutual employment. Companies that can display positive work environment measures, less chemicals in the workshop for example, find it simpler to recruit.


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Hans Ahlgren
Hans Ahlgren

Hans introducerade processvätskerening inom Wallenius Water 2011 efter ett flertal lyckade fältinstallationer. Processvätskerening är idag ett av Wallenius Waters fokusområden. I dag arbetar Hans med strategisk partnerutveckling inom affärsområdet.

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Hans introduced process fluid purification within Wallenius Water in 2011 after several successful field installations. Today purification of process fluid is one of Wallenius Water's focus areas.

+46 8 120 138 37
Hans führte die Reinigung von Prozessflüssigkeit innerhalb Wallenius Water im Jahr 2011, nach mehreren erfolgreichen Feldinstallationen, ein. Heute ist die Reinigung von Prozessflüssigkeit eine der Schwerunkte von Wallenius Water.

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