Health is top priority at GKN Aerospace

GKN Aerospace in Trollhättan continuously strive to create a good working environment for its employees. In accordance with this ambition, the company became one of the first in Sweden to select biocide-free bacterial control in their cutting fluids.

Orderliness, quality and accuracy are keywords in an industry characterized by extremely high safety standards. Every small change in production requires a long and careful validation period. Therefore, GKN Aerospace undertook several tests before inplementing a new way to control bacteria in their cutting fluids. In the summer of 2012, the company finally installed Fluid Control System in their largest and most complex system.

Work environment in focus

The primary reason for investing in Fluid Control System was work environment improvement. GKN is well aware of the risks with cutting fluids and biocides. They also wanted to be prepared for the stricter biocide regulations that the National Chemicals Inspectorate introduced on September 1st, 2013. Anders Calestam is responsible for cutting fluids at GKN, and Roger Wallin works as cutting fluid coordinator. They have been the drivers of the Fluid Control System installation, and are also investigating the possiblity to switch to a cutting fluid that is completely free from biocides and boron.
Health and safety are always our top priorities. That is why we limit the use of biocides, says Roger Wallin.

Profitable investment

Since the installation of Fluid Control System, GKN has not had a single unplanned production stoppage or coolant-related sick leave. The need for system maintenance is also very low. 
If we can avoid one cutting fluid change, we estimate that the entire investment has paid off, says Anders Carlestam.

About GKN Aerospace

  • There are seven coolant systems in total. The largest contains 30,000 liters of coolant.
  • 17 machines are connected to the coolant system in which Fluid Control System is installed
  • Approximately 2,000 people work at GKN in Trollhättan, with 75 employees at the Spool Department where Fluid Control System is installed
  • The coolant is controlled three times a week at two different locations in the system. This is to ensure that the quality meets the specified tolerances.