Atlas Copco future-proofs its production

When Atlas Copco took a holistic approach to create sustainable solutions that maximize quality and production yield, Wallenius Fluid Worker was an important piece of the puzzle.

The Atlas Copco Group is synonymous with quality, and its steel production is famous all over the world. The group is highly innovative technically; the products are constantly developed in line with a changing world. The company uses advanced equipment in its production process – the work places major requirements on quality, safety and environment.

– In the last year we have taken an overall approach in order to create sustainable solutions that maximise quality and production yields. For example, we have reviewed our grinding process and built a modern, advanced filtering system, says Robert Korpelainen, production development engineer at Atlas Copco.

The final phase of ensuring a grinding fluid without bacteria was taken when the FluidWorker 300  where installed.
– It feels nice not having to handle biocides and knowing that the system is as free as possible from chemicals, says Kennet Johansson, who is responsible for daily maintenance of the grinding plant. 

Production engineer Johan Forsgren agrees.
– We have confidence in the technology and in Wallenius Water, and have already noted positive effects in the testing facility.