Washing system with bacteria proved to be an unutilised source of innovation

When Siemens in Finspång initiated a major programme of improvement work, they ended up focusing on the washing fluid.
Our 800-litre washing system proved to be an unutilised source of innovation. The result was both financial and environmental benefits, says Eva Nordenberg from Siemens.

At Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB in Finspång processed components are rinsed and cleaned in washing fluid. For handling reasons the company would prefer not to use biocides or hot water, thus only cold water is used. The room-temperature washing fluid was constantly being affected by bacterial contamination, necessitating frequent replacement. The dirt coming with the components meant that the washing fluid had to be handled as hazardous waste, and the cost of destruction was high.

Sustainable development and healthy employees are important to Siemens. When the washing system was affected by bacterial contamination the result was an unpleasant smell, a poorer work environment and many unnecessary changes of fluid. Eva Nordenberg, project manager at Siemens in Finspång, then initiated a major programme of improvement work, and as part of this work she contacted Wallenius Water Innovation.

The washing fluid lasts three times as long

Together with Siemens, Wallenius Water Innovation’s engineers analysed the problem and selected a suitable purification system. The next step was to measure, dimension and design equipment to suit the premises. On 16 May 2013 the system was installed, and significant savings are already apparent. 
Ever since the installation of Wallenius AOT the difference has been tangible – both financially and in terms of health:

  • Bacterial contamination has completely disappeared
  • The washing fluid lasts three times as long
  • Costs in connection with waste have decreased by 46%
  • Bactericides are not used at all, thereby saving money and decreasing the health risks
  • No problems with smells
  • Considerably better work environment

Installing Wallenius chemical-free purification of the washing fluid was an important step in our work of creating a safe work environment for our employees, says Eva Nordenberg.

About the washing system in Siemens

  • Total volume: 800 litres
  • Number of people affected by the work environment: approx. 5 (day and night shifts)
  • Number of machine tools connected: 1