Spare parts & Add-ons

FluidWorker and AquaWorker are designed for high availability and minimal maintenance. The system logic will notify in good time that UV lamps need to be replaced for full function. A number of accessories are also available for the FluidWorker 100/150 to extend use and functionality.

Magnetic filter full0X6A8793Self Cleaning Strainer

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Product Type Description Article no.
FluidWorker 100/150 Part UV lamp, 1 pc incl. o-rings 39-01-0120
FluidWorker 100 Accessory Magnetic filter 39-01-0145
FluidWorker 100 Accessory Mobility kit 39-01-0140
FluidWorker 100/150 Accessory Self-cleaning inlet strainer 39-01-0141
FluidWorker 300 Part UV lamp, 1 pc 39-01-0097
AquaWorker 310/330 Part UV lamp, 1 pc 39-01-0100/0101
AquaWorker Part Bearing and seal kit, complete  39-01-0104
AquaWorker Part Rod nut 39-01-0108