Union Electric Åkers boosts operational performance

Union Electric Åkers has since 2019 continuously invested in sustainable productivity with FluidWorker 100 automated fluid quality units in their operations. This industrial UV-solution reduces microorganisms and bacteria with >99% which secures the function and quality of the metalworking fluid which ensures continuous plant output by avoiding unplanned production stops. Removing bacteria and stopping the use of any hazardous biocides provides healthy working conditions for the highly skilled machine operators. Lifetime of the metalworking fluid has quadrupled while foul smells and related health issues are now no longer the case.

Mikael Impola, plant technician, concludes; “with FluidWorker we have been able to boost our operational performance while at the same time providing healthy working conditions for our invaluable machine operators”

FluidWorker replaces the use of biocides and other similar chemical agents with electrically powered industrial UV. The autonomous unit includes a pump that extracts the metalworking fluid which is exposed to UV-light that stops reproduction of micro-organisms before the fluid returns to the machine tank. A patented solution keeps the UV-source clean as to ensure full effect at all times. There are FluidWorker solutions for both single machine units and tank systems.

About Union Electric Åkers

Union Electric Åkers is a leading global supplier for casted and machined rolls for rolling mills. The plant in Åkers Styckebruk, Sweden dates its operations back to 1580 and in 1806 the first pair of rolls was delivered. The plant is located 75 kilometers west of Stockholm.