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General supplier demands

Our general demands on our suppliers are that selected suppliers shall have sufficient standards, processes and meet the following main demands:

  • Fulfil ISO 9001 and/or equivalent
  • Fulfil ISO14001 and/or equivalent
  • Do business according to UN supplier code of conduct 
  • The supplier warrants a product guarantee for minimum of 2 years
  • The supplier warrants spare & aftermarket parts and service for a period of up to 10 years
  • Orgalime, as applicable
  • Terms of delivery according to incoterms 2010, preferable FCA or DAP
  • Administrative fees, surcharges and additional packaging cost on invoices are not accepted
  • Terms of payment, standard 60 days net monthly invoicing

Invoice Requirements

Wallenius Water Innovation AB only accepts invoices that include the following specific and correct information. If the invoice does not contain the required information, Wallenius Water Innovation AB reserves the right to return the invoice. Please note that Wallenius Water Innovation AB does not pay an invoice until a correct invoice has been received.

Information regarding Wallenius Water Innovation:

  • Full company name
  • Invoice and shipping address
  • Order number or other reference number
  • Name of client

Information regarding supplier:

  • Full Company Name
  • Address
  • Contact person and phone number
  • E-mail address regarding invoice issues
  • VAT number (in the European Union)
  • Bank account information BG, PG, IBAN and BIC / SWIFT (where applicable)

Information regarding Invoice:

  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Payment / expiration
  • Currency
  • VAT rate %
  • Amount excluding VAT, VAT amount and total invoice amount
  • Customer number (where applicable)

Special VAT requirements:

In the case of exemption from VAT, reference to relevant provision in the VAT Act, VAT Directive or other indication that the turnover is tax exempt must be stated.

Invoice address

Company name: Wallenius Water Innovation AB
Invoice address
: Junohällsvägen 1, SE-112 64 Stockholm, Sweden
VAT number: SE559127703201
Bank: SEB 
Bank Giro: 749-4321 
For currency SEK: BIC/SWIFT: ESSESESS IBAN Account SE77 5000 0000 0574 6103 3093 
For currency EUR: BIC/SWIFT: ESSESESS IBAN Account SE96 5000 0000 0574 6827 3995

For further information, please contact:

Supply & Sourcing: