Industrial UV for process water

AquaWorker is a powerful UV system that reduces biological and organic pollutants in water systems such as cooling, aquaculture, tap water, irrigation, pools, etc. AquaWorker prevents the spread of microorganisms which can be hazardous to people's health and cause efficiency problems in the water systems.

UV for increased availability and decreased risk without biocides 

  • Increases availability of water- and cooling systems
  • Reduces the risk of Legionella, Norovirus, and Pseudomonas outbreaks
  • Minimizes usage of biocides and associated risks
  • Facilitates increased reuse of process water
  • Reduces the amount of chemicals in waste streams

Flexible and Robust

AquaWorker is designed for intake water applications and recirculation systems and can be adjustable according to the desired degree of purification and flow.

Extremely durable materials and a robust design meet the tough demands of corrosive industrial environments to ensure long-term trouble-free operation. AquaWorker can be installed in fresh- or seawater applications.

Adding to the flexibility, the reactor can be installed vertically or horizontally. The reactor and control panel are installed separately and can be integrated with both new and already existing systems. 

Automatic cleaning system

AquaWorker is equipped with a unique and patented cleaning system capable of removing hard-forming scaling as well as fouling. This way the lamp sleeves are kept clean, ensuring optimal performance throughout the product's lifetime.

Optimized design for low operational cost

AquaWorker is designed with a flow-optimized interior that ensures a uniform distribution of the UV dose. The design minimizes the pressure drop, making the product very energy efficient. 

aquaworker (2)

AquaWorker’s long-life UV lamps are selected to work efficiently in cold as well as warm conditions. These low-pressure lamps combine high UV power density with excellent efficiency contributing to the low energy consumption of AquaWorker.

The product’s light sources have an operating life of up to 16000 hours if the system is in continuous operation, meaning the light sources only need to be replaced every 18th month. 

AquaWorker offers reliable operation and requires very little maintenance. The product is designed for easy lamp change-outs and cleaning. No tools are needed and the lamp connectors are detachable. The touch screen makes all information, such as alarms and power consumption, easily accessible.