Wallenius Water Innovation

About us

Wallenius Water Innovation develops products and technologies aimed at solving significant environmental challenges. We operate close to customers and develop sustainable innovations in favor of both environment and economics. Through direct sales in Sweden we can ensure delivered value and quality as a foundation for international growth together with market leading partners.

An example from the company’s history is the development of PureBallast, a market leading Ballast Water Treatment system that was developed and commercialized jointly with Alfa Laval.

FluidWorker is a family of groundbreaking products that make it possible to significantly reduce the amount of hazardous biocides in industrial process fluids used for metalworking, quenching and washing.

AquaWorker is a UV water treatment system, originally developed for marine aquaculture and typically installed in land based salmon production. Other applications are wastewater reuse and legionella prevention in cooling towers.