FluidWorker 100

Simple & safe bacteria reduction

FluidWorker effectively reduces bacteria in process fluids such as metalworking fluids and wash fluids. The fluid is irradiated with UV light, which reacts with the bacteria's DNA and makes it unable to reproduce. The bacterial reduction is gradual over a few days with a total reduction of 99 % - 99.999%, given correct dimensioning and installation. The total reduction depends on fluid system factors such as circulation, filtration, fluid condition etc. 

The main advantages of biocide-free purification are:

  • Safer work environment without biocides that can cause eczema, allergies, respiratory problems, sterility and cancer.
  • Lower costs – the process fluid gets a longer lifetime and biocide-related expenses are avoided. Lower bacteria levels also reduces the consumption of filter media.
  • Stable production – when the process fluid is continuously purified, the quality is maintained and production can continue uninterrupted
  • Reduced climate footprint Longer life of the fluid means fewer chemicals in circulation, reduced waste volumes and fewer transports associated with this. Not using biocides makes it easier to fulfill local waste requirements.

FW 100 panelFluidWorker 100 is equipped with a self-cleaning technology, which means that maintenance is minimal. It is a standalone unit with a compact design and is ready for use on delivery.

FluidWorker 100 is installed in less than an hour during production and no special qualification is required. It is very easy to manage, thanks to an intelligent and user-friendly control system that shows energy consumption, operating time and alarm for reduced flow, reduced UV power and pressure changes.

Add-ons for FluidWorker 100


Magnetic filter fullMagnetic filter

An integrated magnetic filter contributes to a cleaner fluid, a stable production and less machine and tool wear.


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Mobility kit

With the mobility kit add-on it's easy to move FluidWorker between different tanks.


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Self-cleaning strainer

The self-cleaning strainer makes it possible to install FluidWorker even in tanks with large amounts of swarfs.


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