Momento automates metalworking fluid management

Momento is a world-leading supplier of impact sockets and accessories. To increase productivity and reduce costs, Momento installed several FluidWorker units in 2023. FluidWorker 150 is a product that automates metalworking fluid management. It also facilitates a better working environment for operators, who in turn can fully focus on operational tasks.

Manufacturing 24/7

Momento's factory in Flen, Sweden, manufactures impact sockets in large volumes and different sizes for industrial customers. Their international market position means high competition with demands for flexibility and short delivery times. The factory is running full shifts and, in case of high demand, even during weekends.

Strives for continuous improvement

In 2023, the production engineers within the company identified that there was potential to further improve the metalworking processes by automating metalworking fluid management. Momento is used to automating its production processes and was therefore looking for a solution that could regulate and stabilize metalworking fluid concentration and tank level.

FluidWorker 150 was first installed during a trial period which ended with the installation of three FluidWorkers full-time via a leasing arrangement.


FluidWorker - automated control of concentration and tank level

"FluidWorker increases our productivity and lowers costs"

- Automated control of concentration creates the right conditions for our processing without the operators having to manage the metalworking fluid. One operator now has the opportunity to manage three processing machines. We can see that the concentration is at a stable and correct level, which also lowers the consumption of metalworking fluid. FluidWorker increases our productivity and lowers costs, while at the same time creating a better working environment.

Kari Parkilla, Production Manager at Momento


World-unique production of impact sockets

Momento was founded in Flen in 1951 to manufacture impact sockets and accessories. It is today the only factory in the world that exclusively manufactures machine-operated sockets and accessories with one of the world's widest product ranges. The company is responsible for 25% of the total production of impact sockets in Europe and more than 80% of the production is exported to 60 countries. The main markets are the automotive, mining, shipbuilding, wind power, and oil and gas industries.