Magnetic filter for FluidWorker 100

An integrated magnetic filter that contributes to a cleaner fluid, improved production stability and less machine wear

The magnetic filter is easily fitted into new and already installed FluidWorker 100 units. The compact filter is useful in applications where small magnetic particles need to be removed and where the existing filtration of the process fluid system is insufficient or missing.

FluidWorker 100 usually circulates the process fluid tank volume 5-12 times per hour and by utilizing this flow the magnetic filter can polish the fluid from small magnetic particles. The magnetic filter, consisting of a strainer fitted with a magnetic rod, is easily installed from the top of FluidWorker in less than a minute. 

During every passage of fluid inside FluidWorker, small particles are removed by from the fluid by sticking to the magnet. When the filter is full, it can no longer absorb particles and needs to be emptied. The emptying process is quick and easy. Just open the lid, lift the filter out, remove the collected particles with a brush or cloth and then refit the filter. No consumables are needed. 


  • Existing flow through FluidWorker 100 is utilized and no extra pumps, pipe work or hoses are needed
  • The magnet filter consists of a magnetic rod integrated into an inlet strainer which can be fitted into a new or existing FluidWorker 100
  • No extra space is needed and the design is kept nice and clean
  • Easy to install and empty at a comfortable and ergonomic hight
  • No consumables are needed ant the filter can be reused practically indefinitely


Some of the benefits of removing small magnetic particles, including graphite, are:
  • Reduced tool wear
  • Increased fluid life
  • More efficient bacterial control
  • Less sediment in tanks and pipe work
  • Reduced risk of foaming