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What's the total cost of your process fluid?

The hidden costs linked to the process fluid may cut the profit of the entire product. Here you can see the total cost of your process fluid - and where you have the opportunity to save money.

Studies show that for every dollar you spent on process fluid, you spent a further 1.5 to 5.5 dollar on process fluid-related maintenance and other related costs. In some cases, the total cost of the process fluid represent 8-16 percent of the total production of a part.

There are four cornerstones that are important to look at when you want to lower your process fluid cost:

  1. The chemistry of the process fluid
  2. Filtration system with good circulation
  3. Protection from microbiological activity in the fluid
  4. Maintenance and good practice around the process fluid 

In addition to these, there are a number of hidden costs that you may not think of:

  • Reduced production results due inefficient process fluid.
  • Unnecessary tool wear.
  • Production stop due to microbiological activity, high particle content or high leakage oil content.
  • Frequent disposal of the process fluid.
  • Sick leave for eczema, wheezing etc.
  • Hard to recruit and retain skilled personnel due to poor working environment.
  • Increased filter consumption.
  • Support chemicals to balance an unstable liquid.
  • Analyses and troubleshooting.
  • Machine cleaning.
  • Secondary lubrication of machines (flawed leads to increased maintenance costs).
  • Replacement of elastomers and wipers on machines.

The picture below shows clearly the costs which are linked to the cutting fluid during its life cycle. Apart from pure purchase costs are performance, social indicators and sustainability into account. They are often related – if you reduce your environmental impact it can have a positive effect on the working environment, performance and even the total cost of the process fluid.



We have developed a cost calculator where you can find out exactly what your process fluid costs and where there are potential savings.



Hans Ahlgren
Hans Ahlgren

Hans introducerade processvätskerening inom Wallenius Water 2011 efter ett flertal lyckade fältinstallationer. Processvätskerening är idag ett av Wallenius Waters fokusområden. I dag arbetar Hans med strategisk partnerutveckling inom affärsområdet.

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Hans introduced process fluid purification within Wallenius Water in 2011 after several successful field installations. Today purification of process fluid is one of Wallenius Water's focus areas.

+46 8 120 138 37
Hans führte die Reinigung von Prozessflüssigkeit innerhalb Wallenius Water im Jahr 2011, nach mehreren erfolgreichen Feldinstallationen, ein. Heute ist die Reinigung von Prozessflüssigkeit eine der Schwerunkte von Wallenius Water.

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