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Wallenius Water Sourcing and Supply is a category driven organization which works according to a clearly defined process to secure early cross functional participation within Wallenius Water and with our main partners.
The Sourcing and Supply department ensure that all activities are conducted in a professional manner, demonstrating sound ethics, high moral standards and in accordance with applicable legislation.

Wallenius Water are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Wallenius Water general supplier demands

Our general demands on our suppliers are that selected suppliers shall have sufficient standards, processes and meet the following main demands:

  • Fulfil ISO 9001 and/or equivalent
  • Fulfil ISO14001 and/or equivalent
  • Do business according to UN supplier code of conduct 
  • The supplier warrants a product guarantee for minimum of 2 years
  • The supplier warrants spare & aftermarket parts and service for a period of up to 10 years
  • Orgalime, as applicable
  • Terms of delivery according to incoterms 2010, preferable FCA or DAP
  • Administrative fees, surcharges and additional packaging cost on invoices are not accepted
  • Terms of payment, standard 60 days net monthly invoicing

Invoice Requirements

Wallenius Water AB only accepts invoices that include the following specific and correct information.

Information regarding the ordering Wallenius Water entity:

  • Complete corporate name
  • Invoicing address
  • Delivery address
  • Purchase order number or other reference number
  • Name of purchaser
  • VAT registration number of the correct Wallenius Water entity

Information regarding the supplier:

  • Complete corporate name
  • Address
  • Contact person
  • Telephone number
  • Email address for invoice questions
  • VAT registration number
  • Bank account information (IBAN and BIC number as applicable)
  • DUNS number (as applicable)

Information regarding Invoice:

  • Invoice number and invoice date
  • Wallenius Water's purchase order number
  • Terms of payment
  • Currency
  • Amount excl. VAT, VAT amount (as applicable) and total amount to pay
  • Customer number (as applicable)

VAT requirements: The invoice shall fulfil all applicable legal requirements, including but not limited to VAT rules.

VAT references: If the invoice does not include VAT; the reason for this shall be specified in the invoice. The following references shall be made:

  • If the supplies are intra community (i.e. intra EU) supplies of goods: “Intra community supply”
  • If the purchaser is liable to report the output VAT on supplies of goods and services: “Reverse charge”
  • If the supplies are exempt from VAT: “VAT exempt supply”
  • If the invoice regards a transaction that is not considered a supply from a VAT-perspective: “Supply outside the scope of VAT”

Specification: The invoice shall include a detailed specification on an item by item basis, including:

  • Type of goods and/or services supplied
  • The size/scope of the goods and/or services supplied (e.g. weight, amount or time spent)
  • Date of the delivery of goods or the supply of services
  • If the invoice does not comply with the minimum information required, Wallenius Water will return the invoice to the supplier. Please note that Wallenius Water will only pay an invoice when a correct invoice has been received.

Invoice addresses

Wallenius Water AB

Invoice address: Franzéngatan 3, 112 51 Stockholm, Sweden
VAT number: SE5565343950
EORI number: SE556534395001
E-mail for PDF: [email protected]

Wallenius Water (Tianjin) International Trading Co., Ltd

Invoice address: Room 4129, 41F, Tianjin World Financial Center, 2 Dagubei Road, Heping District, Tianjin 300041, People's Republic of China
Warehouse address: Tianjin ChangXin Petroleum Service Company, BoHai Road, Teda, Tianjin 300457, People's Republic of China
VAT number: 120116400000640
E-mail for PDF: [email protected]

Electronic invoices

Wallenius Water is working towards the goal that all invoices should be sent as electronic invoices. If requested by Wallenius Water the supplier agrees to start sending electronic invoices to advised address from Wallenius Water.

Contact information

Account Payables: [email protected]
Supply & Sourcing: [email protected]