2016.06.13 UV, Maintenance

5 tips:­ this is how to maintain your UV-system for metalworking fluid

A UV system requires much less maintenance than other methods to reduce bacteria. Still, I have listed five areas that it may be good to look at.

#1 Planning

Do the right thing from the outset. Serious suppliers of UV technology first make a thorough evaluation of the system and the process fluid to see if it is suitable for UV purification.

 #2 Inspect the lamps

It is crucial for the UV-system's function that the lamps are clean. As the rate of scaling is unique for each system, the lamps should be inspected at regular intervals before a procedure can be put in place. Start with weekly inspections and then extend the interval. Checking a service-friendly UV system takes about 5 minutes.

If the lamps are scaled, wash them with a cloth and a weak acid solution, for example citric acid.

#3 Change lamps after 1,5 years

Keep a check on the lamps' operating time. After 16 to 17 months the UV-lamps' effect deteriorates and they need to be replaced. In certain UV systems an alarm can be set as a reminder of when the lamps should be changed.

#4 System cleaning

Include the UV system when cleaning your metalworking fluid system. Preferably without lamps if possible.

#5 Flow

If your UV system contains an internal pump, check the pump's pressure. You can find it on the system's display. If the pump's pressure is too low, this will affect the UV system's function.


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Jan Östlund
Jan Östlund

Jan har över 20 års erfarenhet av processvätskor inom den metallbearbetande industrin. Han har stor kunskap om processvätskans kritiska funktion och även om dess miljörisker.

Jan has over 20 years' of experience from process fluids within the metalworking industry. He is highly knowledgeable on the process fluid's critical functions and its environmental impact as well as the total cost of ownership related to process fluids and the savings that can be achieved making the right choices.

Jan hat über 20 Jahre Erfahrung mit Prozessflüssigkeiten in der Metallverarbeitenden Industrie. Er ist sehr gut informiert sowohl über die kritische Funktion der Prozessflüssigkeit als auch über seine Umweltrisiken.

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