Wallenius Water

Wallenius Water is a Swedish clean-tech company. We develop upstream solutions, which means that we strive to solve sustainability challenges at the source without creating new problems.


Our journey began in the early 2000s when our sister company, Wallenius Lines, began to seek a solution to one of the main environmental challenges in its operations – the spread of invasive species through the ship’s ballast water. Like all our sister companies, we are working with upstream solutions. This means that we strive to solve the source of the problem without causing new ones.

The development of the ballast water treatment system PureBallast (developed with and sold by Alfa Laval) has given us a cutting edge competence within water purification.

Since then, we have developed products to solve several sustainability challenges. We halt the decline of the groundwater levels in China by helping fish farmers to recycle their water, and in Swedish and German workshops, we improve the work environment for an increasing number of operators.


Our core values

Wallenius Water is a part of the Soya Group, which comprise of a number of companies mostly active in three primary business areas: Shipping, Real Estate and Clean Tech. Five core values tie the Soya Group together. This is our interpretation of our common values.

  • Pioneering spirit
    We dare to be first and show others what is possible. Pioneering for us, is to contribute with new and better products, systems and processes that, in combination with sound financial return for our customers, reduce the environmental load.

  • Long-term approach
    We address the challenges of tomorrow, today. What we do today, we stand for tomorrow.

  • Quality
    We strive for customer satisfaction and make sure that we understand and exceed their expectations and requirements in regard of reliability, user friendliness and effectiveness. We achieve this through efficient processes and competent co-workers.
    Read more in our quality policy

  • Environment
    We recognize that the earth is a shared and finite resource that must be safeguarded for future generations. We actively seek to solve some of society’s difficult environmental challenges while at the same time reducing our own ecological footprint.
    Our technology is based on upstream solutions and designed as an integral part of our business plan, including both short and long term goals. Our products will be developed and designed with a life-cycle perspective to ensure manufacturing and use with highest possible resource efficiency.
    Read more in our environmental policy

  • Social responsibility
    We conduct our business in a responsible manner. Through active work and by acting as a role model we influence others to do the same.

How do we do that?